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We live in a society that encourages individualism, competition, and comparison, all of which result in expectations, judgement, and isolation, none of which support healthy relationships or well being. Add to that the expectation for us to be able to cope with everything on our own, to not show vulnerability or ask for help, and we find ourselves in a very challenging place. Our lives then are limited by what people might think of us and our choices, and also constrained by the rules and assumptions of society. We struggle to keep up appearances and often operate in a way which is distant from our values, and prevents us from being happy.

Australia and New Zealand have some of the highest suicide and mental illness statistics in the developed world. By 2020 depression and anxiety are predicted to be the biggest health challenges that the western world has ever faced, and resulting effects include increases in addiction, drug use, eating disorders and other antisocial behaviours.

The Good Karma Effect has been created to work towards changing this. It looks at the small things that we can do daily which make a difference and create a more positive world.The Good Karma Effect is about pursuing positive solutions, be that in our own lives, the lives of those around us or organisations and for causes that we feel strongly about. It is about considering different approaches that may result in different and potentially more effective and successful outcomes for all involved.

The Good Karma Effect embraces individual difference for the incredible opportunities that it creates. It encourages openness and compassion. It challenges the status quo. It asks why negativity is sometimes considered acceptable. It supports people to feel confident asking for help. It promotes collaborative problem solving as a path to much more favourable solutions. It seeks win-win-win outcomes.

The Good Karma Effect will empower you. To feel more connected, to create opportunities, to amplify your impact and to experience more positivity and happiness in your life. The Good Karma Effect encourages us to embrace the unknown number of precious days we have left on the planet and experience the best lives that we can.

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The Good Karma Effect looks at the small things that we can do daily that make a difference and create a more positive world.

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