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Goals of the Good Karma Network

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Why join a Good Karma Network

We all have challenges in our lives. Things that make life hard. Sometimes so hard that we can’t see a way through…but there are solutions. It’s just a matter of finding them… Good Karma Networks provide their members with the opportunity and permission to ask for help with challenges they are facing in their lives, workplace, family, or home. They are a safe space in which the incredible power of collaborative problem solving finds solutions and support that individuals may not have otherwise been able to access.

Often we don’t know that we can help people until someone asks…When we open ourselves to the possibility of asking for help, we find that there are people with skills, knowledge, experience and resources which they are only too happy to share once they know that it might ease the burden for someone else in their community. With consideration of the many different perspectives and collective life experience that we have within our communities, we create access to far greater possibilities and positive outcomes than any one of us might achieve alone.  

Good Karma Networks give people an opportunity to make an impact within their community. When we start small and have no expectations then every contribution is significant. Every contribution is valuable. Every contribution inspires more of the same.

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